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The railway station of Simferopol in the evening

Train station in Simferopol one. It takes a long-distance trains and suburban trains. In season, the train may arrive at the "northern" and "south" side of a road. Most often this concerns commuter trains on Sevastopol and Evpatoria. "North" side is the direction of Moscow, Kiev, and the "southern" in Sevastopol.

Simferopol railway station - one of the major architectural landmarks of the capital of Crimea. new building was designed by the famous Soviet architect A. Dedushkina in 1951 (an interesting fact - the station was built of war Germans). In 2000, major reconstruction was carried out and the station forecourt.

In the "Italian" patio is a service yard of the station offices.

ticket pre-sale tickets are on the street. Tolstoy, 6 (15 min walk from the station towards the city center)

Telephone help train station in Simferopol +38 (0652) 66 34 18
Telephone pre-sale cash registers tickets on the street. Tolstoy in Simferopol +38 (0652) 66 31 85

On the forecourt are trolleybus station and bus station, "Resorts" Trolley buses follow the direction of Simferopol - Alushta - Yalta, on the bus shuttle buses carry flights to all destinations.

Timetable the train station Simferopol


The railway station of Sevastopol

Sevastopol railway station was built and opened in 1875 on the site of a small Tatar settlements Akhtiar (White Rock). During World War II was destroyed. The station was rebuilt in 1950 by the famous architect of the Epiphany. In 2002, a major overhaul of the station.

station complex consists of the station, four passenger platforms, buildings, suburban offices, luggage, rest rooms, station square.

100 meters from the station ticket office are located pre-sale tickets.

Timetables for trains in the station of Sevastopol

The railway station Evpatoria resort


From the railway station Evpatoria trains to various destinations: Kiev, Moscow (including a direct train, not passing through Simferopol), Lvov, Kharkov, as well as commuter routes.

work at the station ticket office ticket sales, there are waiting rooms, lockers, toilets, first aid station. There is also a currency exchange office, post office, telegraph office.

Telephone help train station Evpatoria +38 (6569) 5 14 11

Timetables for trains in stations Evpatoria resort