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Spa hotel "Poltava-Crimea" is located on the west coast of the Crimean peninsula in the resort town of Saki. In fact, a sanatorium is located outside the city - far away from noise, dust and bustle of the city.

Spa hotel "Poltava-Crimea" - one of the few recreational and fitness facilities, which takes visitors all year round. Salubrious climate and fresh air can improve health in any season!

Due to favorable climatic conditions, is an ideal place for those who decided to combine rehabilitation and treatment and rest. The famous miracle Saki mud, saline baths, thermal mineral water from its own wells, healthful sea air and a unique microclimate can help you quickly and without the side effects of healthy and gain new vitality.

Sanatorium located in close proximity to the sea beach, but visitors can also stroll to the Saki Lake, located on the opposite side.



posted 4 four-bedroom buildings, two-storey building number 5 and 30 year old cottages with a total capacity of up to 900 guests. Cases are located at 10-20 meters from its sandy beach.

Corps №1 (4 floors, elevator)

Corps №2 (4 floors, elevator)

Corps №3 (4 floors)

Corps №4 (4 floors)

Covered insulated transitions from sleeping corps 1, 2, 3 and 4 in vodogryazelechebnitsu can visit the medical procedures with comfort regardless of weather and season.

Corps №5 (2 floors)

Corps 5 - a detached two-storey building. All rooms are 2-tiered, with separate entrances.


cold and hot water. In each room is hot water from mineral springs.


Three air-conditioned room

dining room. The price of accommodation in standard rooms include three meals a day under the "buffet", including diet (different diets). For an extra charge (100 UAH / day). Probably better food in the banquet hall.


Private sandy beach 200 m long beach is equipped with shadow navesami. Rental umbrellas, deck chairs.


Two swimming pools (heated sea water and thermal mineral water), sauna, post office, international phone center, parking lot, air and train / train tickets, cafe, bar, cinema, gym fitness equipment, a bank branch . Discos and concerts. Near the resort is a small market. On the territory there are Wi-Fi Internet.

Tours sights of the Crimea. Our clients are provided with discount of 10% on the bus tour of the Crimea, organized by our partners in Saki (point of sales trips is located in the resort).

Conferences and Workshops

Spa hotel "Poltava-Crimea" provides services for conferences and seminars.


Treatment center equipped with modern equipment makes it possible to evaluate the fullness of health tourists and make the best decision in the appointment of medical procedures.

Spa hotel "Poltava-Crimea" specializes in the treatment of:

  • Musculoskeletal system (rheumatoid arthritis, rheumatism, deforming osteoarthritis, periodic disease, gout, psoriatic arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis, systemic sclerosis, traumatic arthritis and consolidated fractures, chronic osteomyelitis, intervertebral osteochondrosis, shoulder-scapular periarthritis).
  • peripheral nervous system (polyneuritis and polyneuropathy, vibration disease, neuropathy of the facial nerve, peripheral nerve injury, spastic and flaccid paralysis in children with cerebral palsy).
  • Inflammatory diseases of the genitourinary system in men (chronic prostatitis) and women (chronic oophoritis and metroendometritis, perimetrity, perisalpingit, adhesive disease).
  • Infertility and sexual disorders in men and women.
  • Skin (eczema, chronic urticaria, atopic dermatitis, prurigo, psoriasis, localized scleroderma).
  • Gastro-intestinal tract.

Distinctive feature of the sanatorium is that any treatment is built on the use of natural factors and methods of alternative medicine, medical supplies used in exceptional cases.

Treatments used in motels

  • Mud - the leading factor, and the main direction of the resort. For the use of highly silt mud sulphide mud of Saki Lake, the therapeutic effect of which has no analogues in the world.
  • Balneotherapy - the use of medical-prophylactic mineral water, sea water and brine.
  • Hydropathy - the impact of a jet or jets of water temperature and pressure dosing. Mineral and thermal water hydro-chloride-sodium composition is supplied from wells located on the territory of the sanatorium.
  • Physiotherapy - darsonvalization, diadynamic, ultrovysokochastotnaya therapy, very high-frequency therapy, galvanizing, electro, elektrosonterapiya.
  • Aromatherapy - Aromatic baths and packs, providing crisp and soothing effect.
  • Phototherapy - treatment with infrared and ultraviolet radiation, the treatment device Peeler, laser.
  • Color Therapy.
  • Massage, chiropractic and acupuncture, physiotherapy.

In case you were not able to issue sanatorium card or to be tested in the clinic in the community, at your service diagnostic center, where you can spend in the clinical examination, biochemical laboratory, to make X-rays, electrocardiogram, blood supply to look different bodies or to load a sample, make ultrasound diagnosis, fibrogastroskopii, sigmoidoscopy.


From Simferopol by train (Simferopol-Evpatoria) or bus (Simferopol-Evpatoria) to Saki, then taxi to the spa hotel №3 "Poltava-Crimea".


Saki, st. Naberejnaya, 8


For settlement in the resort you should have a passport, ticket (exchange form), it is desirable to have a sanatorium card (takes the place of residence with a general practitioner) for children - birth certificates, vaccination certificates and epidemokruzhenii (taken over the community pediatrician).

Children are accepted from 2 years of age (under contract with the spa hotel).

Out time

Estimated time - 8:00. Check in - 10:00, and check out - 8:00.

Early check-in and late check-out

Prices for rest and treatment in the spa hotel "Poltava-Crimea" in 2017

RUR per person per day
Rooms category Межсезонье

Тихий сезон

Комфортный сезон
Высокий сезон
Комфортный сезон
Стоимость в номере за место 1-но мест. место 1-но мест. место 1-но мест. место 1-но мест. место 1-но мест.
Стоимость путевки лечения "Стандарт" (проживание + питание "Шведский стол" + лечение "Стандарт") на основном месте
Стандарт (корпуса 3, 4) 2060 нет 2180 нет 2410 нет 2960 нет 2410 нет
Стандарт 1-но местный (корпуса 3, 4)   2360   2480   2710   3260   2710
1-й категории Комфорт (корпуса 1, 2) 2510 4190 2660 4540 2960 5280 3680 6990 2960 5280
1-й категории Комфорт 1-но местный (корп. 1, 2)   3500   3800   4000   5000   4000
Стандарт семейн. 2-комнатн. (корп. 3) 2510 нет 2690 нет 3030 нет 3860 нет 3030 нет
Номер с частичн. удобств. (база № 1)         1750 нет 1970 нет 1750  
2-х местный (деревянный сруб)         2960 5280 3680 6990 2960 5280
Стоимость дополнительного места (проживание + питание "Шведский стол" + лечение "Стандарт") в номерах "Стандарт", "Комфорт" и деревянных срубах
Взрослый (с 18 лет) 1530 1570 1640 1800 1640
Ребенок 3-14 лет (без лечения) 710 750 820 980 820
Ребенок 14-18 лет (без лечения) 980 1060 1230 1600 1230
Стоимость дополнительного места (проживание + питание "Шведский стол" + лечение "Стандарт") в номерах с частичными удобствами
Взрослый (с 18 лет)     1440 1500 1440
Ребенок 3-14 лет (без лечения)     620 690 620
Ребенок 14-18 лет (без лечения)     1030 1300 1030
Стоимость путевки лечения "Люкс" (проживание + питание "Банкетный зал" + расширенное лечение "Интенсив") на основном месте
Полулюкс (корпус 4) 3415 4715 3555 5000 3850 5570 5000 7380 3850 5570
Полулюкс "Коттедж" (база № 1)     3555 5000 3850 5570 5000 7380 3850 5570
Полулюкс "Коттедж" (корпус 5) 3500 4890 3700 5290 4230 6350 5160 8210 4230 6350
Джуниор Сюит (Полулюкс "Студия") (корпуса 1, 2) 3760 5410 4000 5890 4300 6490 5300 8490 4300 6490
Люкс с видом на парк (корпус 4) 3570 5020 3780 5450 4190 6270 5180 8250 4190 6270
Люкс с видом на море (корпус 4) 3760 5410 4000 5890 4300 6490 5300 8490 4300 6490
Люкс "Коттедж" (корпус 5) 4000 5890 4300 6490 4800 7470 5570 9020 4800 7470
Люкс "Коттедж" (база № 1)     3780 5450 4190 6270 5180 8250 4190 6270
Стоимость дополнительного места (проживание + питание "Банкетный зал" + расширенное лечение "Интенсив") в номерах "Полулюкс" и "Люкс"
Взрослый (с 18 лет) 2460 2530 2660 2970 2660
Ребенок 3-14 лет (без лечения) 980 1050 1180 1500 1180
Ребенок 14-18 лет (без лечения) 1640 1760 1990 2500 1990

Spa hotel accepts children from 2 years (to be agreed).

Price includes

  • Accommodation in room of this type.
  • Three meals a day (FB): for standard rooms - "buffet", for rooms "Junior suite" and "Suite" - food in a banquet room for custom-made menu.
  • Use the beach of spa hotel.
  • Treating one disease profile: for rooms "standard" and "comfort" - treatment "standard", for rooms "Junior" and "Suite" - treatment "intensive"
  • Using the indoor pools, with sea and mineral water (prescribed by a doctor).
  • Present - travel insurance for the period of rest (health and accident).
  • For our clients - discount 10% on bus tours to Crimea, organized by our partners in Saki

Other conditions

  • In Double and Quadruple rooms different categories of "standard" single use is not provided, possibly placing a shared bedroom (with obligatory coordination).
  • In rooms category "Junior suite" and "Suite" accommodation with shared bedroom is not provided, possibly Single accommodation according to the price list.
  • For all room possibility to include an additional place (in agreement ) if you take all the major places in the room.

Rest with children

  • Not recommended to stay in the spa hotel with children under 3 years.
  • Treatment guests to 18 years in spa hotel is not provided. Guests from 3 to 18 years old can buy a ticket just relax.
  • On the main bed in room children are accommodated with no discounts (at full value of main bed).
  • Accommodation on extra bed children over 3 years without pay for food is not provided.


RUR for the entire car one way
Type of transport / route Railway Station Simferopol – spa hotel Simferopol airport - spa hotel
Car (up to 4 people) 1150 1300
Minivan / minibus (up to 8 people) 1700 1950

Supplement for a car with a certified air conditioning - 20%.

Discount 100 RUR for the return shuttle service when you order and pay for the simultaneous transfer of both ends.

Санаторій Полтава-Крим розташований на березі моряThe main entrance to the resort Poltava-CrimeaTerritory of spa hotel is rich in greenTerritory of spa hotel in early springElements of landscape designThe figures on the waterfront of spa hotelSpa hotel Poltava-Crimea. Corps 1 ofCorps 2 of spa hotel Poltava Crimea - is identical to the corps 1Lift in corps 1 and 2Corridor in corps 1 and 2. The doors to the rooms in these cases with magnetic closuresHall in corps 1 and 2Double standard high comfortDouble standard high comfortWC in room high comfortSingle Standard high comfortDouble standard high comfortDouble standard high comfortJunior Suite studio in corps 1 and 2Junior Suite studio in corps 1 and 2WC in Junior Suite StudioCorps 3 spa hotel Poltava-CrimeaCorps 3 spa hotel Poltava-CrimeaHall in the corps 3. Hall in the corps 4 is alsoDouble StandardDouble StandardDouble standard plusLivingroom 2-room junior suiteBedroom in a 2-room junior suiteDouble improved standard in the corps 42-room suite in the corps 4. Livingroom2-во кімнатний номер люкс в корпусі 4. СпальняDetached corps 5. All rooms are 2 level suites and junior suitesCorps 5 of spa hotel Poltava-Crimea2-level Junior Suite. Bedroom2-level Junior Suite. Living RoomBathroom in Junior SuiteLiving Room in a 2-level suite in the corps 5Guest area on the second level in a suite2-level suite. BedroomWC in the 2-level suiteWooden cottage with suites and junior suitesJunior Suite in cottageDining room of spa hotelБанкетний зал їдальні. Тут організовано харчування гостей санаторіюDining room of spa hotelPower on the system buffet. all the dietsSwedish lineSwedish lineMedical corps of the spa hotel Poltava-CrimeaSwimming PoolSwimming pool with mineral waterThe primary method of treatment in a spa hotel - mud therapyMedical masksBath DepartmentGymtherapeutic exercisesWaterfront of spa hotelWaterfront of spa hotelSandy beach of spa hotels Poltava-CrimeaThe beach of spa hotelsChildren playgroundSaunaBilliard roomIn the cafe on the beach

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