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Spa hotel "Utes"
Big Alushta, Utes

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Spa hotel "Utes" - one of the largest resorts of Big Alushta. The resort is located along the waterfront park in the microwave background - a monument of landscape architecture, near the village of Partenit. His story begins with a health resort in 1914 when the Sanatorium was located here for those officer's rank. March 13, 1921 based on the former estate of Princess M.A.Gagarinoy, was organized by the Revolutionary Military Council of the recreation center, and May 20, 1929 will shift to a sanatorium for the treatment of patients with respiratory diseases tubercular character.

Park resort is situated on the Cape Plaka - a monument of nature, an area of 12.6 hectares.


Modern four-storey buildings of the spa hotel can simultaneously take on the rest 393.

Building №1

Building №2

Building №3

Distance to the beach from the buildings 1 and 2 - 30 meters of buildings 3 and 4 - 150 meters.


Cold and hot water.


In the dining-room of spa hotel organized three meals (FB) a day under the "buffet" in the light diet.


Pebbly beach of spa hotel is equipped with sunshades, sun loungers, cabanas. On the beach to the customer's service boat station, medical center, a lifesaving station, rolled umbrellas, deckchairs, beach equipment.

distance to the beach from the buildings 1 and 2 - 30 meters of buildings 3 and 4 - 150 meters.


Activities: outdoor swimming pool with heated fresh water, exercise room, volleyball court, playground badminton, tennis courts, pool, water rental equipment, boat trips, hydromotorcycles, boats and biking, hiking.
Children: equipped playground, children's playroom with a tutor.
other resort infrastructure: concert hall, dance game room, two restaurant halls, a shop, pizzeria, coffee bar on the beach, hairdresser, beauty salon, miniSPA center, newspaper and souvenir stalls, long-distance telephone, library with reading room, a sauna, a computer club, concerts, amateur, excursion program, electric trolley, parking.

Conferences and Workshops

Spa offers services for conferences and seminars:

  • equipped conference room for 30 people with the ability to access the Internet;
  • Concert Hall for 405 seats;
  • Two restaurant halls for 30 and 90.


Health specializes in the treatment of respiratory diseases (sinusitis, laryngitis, pharyngitis, tracheitis, bronchitis, emphysema, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, pneumonia, in the period rekonvalenstsentsii, bronchial asthma in remission); functional disorders of the nervous system (adynamic syndrome, neurasthenia, insomnia, neuralgia, neuritis, neurocirculatory dystonia, Discogenic radiculopathy, low back pain); diseases of the circulatory system (hypertension stage I-II, symptomatic hypertension, hypotension (hypotension), atherosclerosis stage I-II, dystonia, kardiolgiya, cardio I-II stages, heart failure stage I-II).

Medical services included in the price

Medical services provided at an additional cost


From railway station of Simferopol route taxi to the village Utes or taxi, by bus to the bus station of Alushta, then taxi to the village Utes.


Big Alushta, Utes, Street. Gagarina, 5.


For settlement in the resort you should have a passport, ticket (exchange form), it is desirable to have a sanatorium card (takes the place of residence with a general practitioner) for children - birth certificates, vaccination certificates and epidemokruzhenii (taken over the community pediatrician).

Children are accepted from 3 years of age (under contract with spa hotel).

Out time

Refreshment from 12:00, check-out before 10:00

Prices for rest and treatment in spa hotel "Utes" in 2016

RUR per room per day

Building №1

Rooms category Dbl economy (Mountain) Dbl (Sea) 2-rooms Junior suite (Mountain) 2-rooms Junior suite (Sea)
2 person 1 person extra bed 2 person 1 person extra bed 2 person 1 person extra bed 2 person 1 person extra bed
01.02-29.02 3000 2200 1300 3300 2500 1400 3300 2500 1400 3400 2600 1450
01.03-30.04 3400 2400 1500 3700 2700 1600 3700 2700 1600 3800 2800 1650
01.05-15.06 4200 3200 1770 4400 3400 1850 4700 3700 1950 5000 4000 2100
16.06-15.09 5000 4000 2050 5200 4000 2100 6000 5000 2400 6200 5200 2500
16.09-31.10 4200 3200 1770 4400 3400 1850 4700 3700 1950 5000 4000 2100
01.11-25.12 3400 2400 1500 3700 2700 1600 3700 2700 1600 3800 2800 1650

Корпус №2

Категория номера 2-rooms Junior suite (Mountain) 2-rooms Junior suite (Sea)
2 person 1 person extra bed 2 person 1 person extra bed
01.02-29.02 3900 3100 1600 4200 3400 1710
01.03-30.04 4300 3300 1800 4600 3600 1910
01.05-15.06 5200 4200 2120 5600 4600 2260
16.06-15.09 7400 6400 2890 7800 6800 3030
16.09-31.10 5200 4200 2120 5600 4600 2260
01.11-25.12 4300 3300 1800 4600 3600 1910
Children accepted from 3 years old

* - free schedule

Discounts on extra

  • Children from 3 to 5 years without extra bed - utilities (300 RUR/day), food (610 RUR/day) is produced in a spa hotel.

Price includes

  • Accommodation in this category;
  • Full board under the "buffet";
  • Basic treatment;
  • Use beach;
  • Use water pool


RUR for the entire car one way
type of transport / route Railway Station Simferopol Simferopol airport
Car (up to 4 people) 1750 2050
Minivan / minibus (up to 8 people) 2850 3150

Supplement for a car with a certified air conditioning - 20%.

Discount 100 RUR for the return shuttle at the order and the simultaneous payment of a transfer at both ends.

Spa hotel Utes. The main body - the estate of Princess GagarinaSpa hotel Utes. Corps 2Spa hotel Utes. Corps 1 and 2Spa hotel UtesSpa hotel Utes at sunsetView of resort from beachSwimming Pool is located between Corps 1 and 2Outdoor swimming poolIn the pool of spa hotel UtesCorps 3. Suites with sea viewCorps 3. Bedroom suites with mountain viewsLivingroom in a suite with mountain views2-room suite in the corps 22-room suite in the corps 2Standard DeluxeDouble StandardLivingroom in a two-room suiteA bathroom in the rooms housing 2Dining room of spa hotelDining-room of spa hotel Utes. Swedish lineDining room of spa hotelDining room of spa hotelView from the Cape PlakaMonument to Princess GagarinaThe park of spa hotel UtesThe park of spa hotel many relict treesPark - a monument of garden architecture of the nineteenth centuryThe view from the seaSpa hotel Utes against the sea and the mountains of Ayu-DagThe park of spa hotel UtesIn the park of spa hotelIn the hall of the main bodyIn the hall of the main bodyThis tree remembers PushkinThe beach of spa hotelthe beautiful seaWhirlpoolsSalt room (speleotherapy)Salt room (speleotherapy)Phytotherapy (phyto-bar)FotohromoterapiyaConference hallThe territory of of spa hotelOn the beach

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