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IYC "I&Camp"
Childrens holiday, Peschanoe, Bakhchisaray district

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International Youth Center "I&Camp"

Summer Camp in style WOW!


International Youth Center "I&Camp" is located on the southwest coast of Crimea in the resort village Peschanoe. This region is considered one of the best health resorts on the west coast of the Crimea. The mild climate promotes a good rest, and the temperature of sea water on the beach in summer is 22-27°C.

Youth Center "I&Camp" - camp for children generation "i".

Youth Center is located just 50 meters from the sea and covers an area of ​​5.7 ha.

The whole territory of Youth Center is fenced and guarded around the clock.

The advantages of Youth Center "I&Camp"

  • Located in ecologically clean area.
  • Unique healing microclimate is suitable for recreation and leisure activities for children.
  • 3D cinema and fan zone.
  • Modern technology, fashion tendencies.
  • Many cultural and recreational activities.
  • Modern rooms, housing just 50 meters from the sea.


Children in the camp located in 3storey dormitory building (reconstructed in 2012), which is connected with restaurant and cinema. The total capacity of the dormitory - 500 seats.

Each hall dormitories bright designer sofas - a favorite vacation spot, and Internet surfing. Each company officer lobby have plasma, where it's customizable to watch a movie or cartoon and escape from the heat.

Quadruple rooms

Area of the room 18 sq.mю In each room amenities (toilet, sink, shower - modern bathroom, hairdryer). Rooms zoned to bedroom and sitting area. In the bedroom: two bunk beds (mattresses, hypoallergenic pillows and blankets), spacious wardrobe; sitting area: designer sofa, table, chairs. Rooms are equipped with electronic door locks (every child the electronic key on the hand).

Northern rooms - for boys, southern rooms - for girls. 11 design solutions rooms.


Cold and hot water constantly.


3 air-conditioned dining hall, which provide 5-meals a day (breakfast, lunch, afternoon snack and fruit - "buffet", sonnik). Salad bar for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The menu includes a variety of dishes, vegetables, fruits and desserts.

Diet of children restaurant


Own sand and pebble beach located just 50 meters from dormitories, fenced and equipped with sunshades, changing rooms. On the VIP-area can only pass through a special tunnel connecting the beach and camp. Issued on the beach towels, beach umbrellas, deck chairs and mats new, constantly working on duty nurse, swimming instructors and lifeguards.


It offers of children camp of next generation "I&Camp" offers: concert Hall and dance floor, reception, lobby, restaurant, beauty salon, poolside cafe, 3D cinema, gift shop, Wi-Fi zone.

Water activities:

Entertainment complex:


Studios and clubs:

Holiday programs:



Own medical department on the 1st floor of the building. Perhaps outpatient and inpatient care. Duty medical personnel - laundry.

Medical staff constantly supervises the kitchens, sanitary condition of the accommodation and the area controlled hydrotherapy, sports and competitions, as well as daily (morning and evening) by moving each child's room and a visual inspection of each child.

Contra-indications for referral to the children's camp

All diseases in the acute period, and all forms of tuberculosis, rheumatism in the active period, acquired and congenital defects of the heart and vessels in violation of hemodynamics, hypertension in exacerbation, diseases of the blood and blood-forming organs, epilepsy, seizures and other cash equivalents, acute mental illness and reactive states, bronchial asthma exacerbation, peptic ulcer and 12 duodenal ulcer in exacerbation, acute nephritis, pyelonephritis - no earlier than five years after subacute, chronic nephritis, renal stone disease, congenital abnormalities of the kidneys, accompanied violation of their function, diabetes, and all infectious, parasitic skin diseases (scabies, fungal, etc.)

Necessary information and documents

Accommodation terms

Checkout time: 09:00.

Arrival schedule: on a fixed schedule. Duration of change - 17 days.

Age of children: to rest accepts children from 7 to 16 years (inclusive).

On the arrival at the children themselves should be: copy of birth certificate or passport, Medical record standard form or medical certificate on the form number 079 a marked absence of head lice, a certificate of vaccination and epidemiological environment, health certificate, completed Application form of parents.


The camp has the right to expel from the camp resting child in case the child has violated one of these rules (laws) camp:

  • Do not drink (even beer and soft drinks) and not smoking.
  • Do not leave the camp.
  • Do not disturb others.
  • Not to spoil other people's property.

Grounds for expulsion will be explanatory counselor/educator of your breach and ordered the dismissal of the camp director with the reason.

Delivery child will be provided from the camp. Residual value vouchers will not be refunded


From the railway station of Simferopol or bus station Sebastopol by bus to village Peschanoe, then 2 km to the IYC "I&Camp".

Address of children camp

Crimea, Bahchisaray district, village Peschanoe, Str. Naberezhnaya, 17.

Prices for rest in International Youth Center "I&Camp" in 2014

UAH   RUR   EUR   USD per person per shift
Schedule shifts 3-storey dormitory building
Quadruple rooms
04.06-20.06 - 1st shift "Sport" 12600
21.06-07.07 - 2nd shift "Quest! Quest! Quest!" 13700
08.07-24.07 - 3rd shift "Architectural design" 14500
25.07-10.08 - 4th shift "Musical" 13700
11.08-27.08 - 5th shift "Dance" 13100

Prices include

  • Accomodation.
  • 5 meals a day.
  • Use beach.
  • Use of outdoor swimming pools and water slides.
  • Cultural and entertainment.
  • Shaw animators.
  • Classes in studios and clubs.
  • Mandatory insurance (health and accident).
  • Group transfers on arrival.

An additional cost - organization of bus tours.

Private transfer

UAH   RUR   EUR   USD per entire car to one side
Type of transport / route Railway station of Simferopol - Kids Camp Airport Simferopol - Kids Camp
Car (up to 4 people) 350 410
Minivan / Minibus (up to 8 people) 610 710

Extra charge for car with guaranteed air-conditioning - 20%.

Discount 25 UAH on the return transfer when you order and pay for the simultaneous transfer both ways.

Comparative characteristics of camps next generation "Mandarin", "Kakadu" and "I&Camp"


International Youth Center I&CampInternational Youth Center I&Camp - rest in style WOW!Dormitory of the youth centerIn each lobby bright sofas from fashion designer Roche Bobois - favorite place to relax and Internet surfingNorth room. Sleeping area.North room. Guest area.Another design version of the northern rooms. The sleeping areaNorth room. Guest area.South room. Guest areaSouth room. The sleeping areaAnother variant of decorating southern rooms. The sleeping areaSouth room. Guest areaTotal 11 design options of rooms. Northern - for boys. Southern - for girls.All rooms are equipped with bathrooms (new and modern plumbing)Hall of the first floor restaurant - glamorous area. You can wait for beginning lunch or just relaxHall of Childrens restaurantThe second hall of restaurantMeals are served in three air-conditioned hallsIn the camp provides 5-meals a dayFood in childrens camp organized on system buffet styleSwedish line of childrens restaurant. Waitress serviceThe restaurant is always wide selection of food and drinksModern childrens restaurantOverflow Pools round form with sea waterTraining pool with fresh water (two-track of length 25 meters)Water slidesPlace to relax by the poolPrivate sandy beach in 50 meters from dormitoriesOn the beach are granted parasols and chairsPhoto session on the beachFootball field with artificial turfUniversal platform can deploy any sporting event from basketball and volleyball to badminton and tennisEquipped with tennis courtsPopular worldwide Zumba fitnessSchool Wushu and real master from Shaolin Monastery (specially invited for teaching)Club Ideal line and EgoistModern Dance ClubWide selection of studios and clubs will help your child discover their talentsFan Zone for 400 seats (with LED display)School of sand animationFestive opening and closing shiftsDance Battle - spectacular event of the 5th shiftsThe parade of countries1st shift - Sport. Away legendary athletes. The championship between the camps and exchange of experience with star guests2nd shift - Quest! Quest! Quest! Whole shift - taking part in adventure quest3rd shift Cinematography . Entire shift children will make movies. Everyone can to try yourself as director and actor4th shift architectural and design. This shift is real architectural festival. Architects with the children will be creating art objects and installations from different materials5th shift - Dance. This is the annual Battle between the camps of the new generation. Each camp will be selected 100 people to the team. Rehearsals with the choreographer and training suits. Final gala concert based on IYC Ai Camp

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