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Spa hotel "Miskhor" is situated in a beautiful corner of the Crimea - the village. Koreiz (Miskhor) in Big Yalta on the beach. Spa hotel buried in the south coastal greenery of the park. This is one of the warmest places in the Crimea, with mild winters, so the parks are the most luxurious. Located on the South Coast, even without special procedures receive a course aero-, helio-and thalassotherapy.

The resort is located next to such famous sightseeing sites and monuments: Alupka (Vorontsov) Palace Dulber and "Swallow's Nest", cable road to the plateau of Mount Ai-Petri.

Good location, spectacular scenery, reasonable prices and quality treatment every year attracts a large number of tourists from Ukraine, Russia, Belarus and other countries.


total capacity of 1500 seats resort.

  • 2 standard double rooms. Building 2 (10 floors, elevator) and block 3 (4 floors).
    In the room all the amenities (WC, shower) two twin beds, bedside tables, chair bed, table, two chairs, TV (cable TV), CL, balcony (in case 2, all with side sea view).
  • 2 double superior rooms. Building 1 and 2 (10 floors, the elevator).
    In the room a modern renovation, all the amenities (toilet, washbasin and shower), two twin beds, bedside tables, chair bed, table, two chairs, TV (cable TV), CL, hair dryer, electric kettle and a balcony (side sea view).
  • 2-room four-bed suites. Building 1 and 2 (10 floors, the elevator).
    In the room, two bathrooms (WC, shower) two rooms, twin beds, bedside tables, chair bed, table, chairs and two TV (cable TV), two CL, two hair-dryer, electric kettle, ironing board, air conditioning, two balconies (side sea view).

Distance from dormitories to the sea from 150 to 300 meters.


Cold and hot water heating system


FB on the customized menu.

For rooms category "standard" in the dining room resort on the customized menu diet, including baby.

For rooms "standart +" and "Suite" - better food at the restaurant system, snacks under the "buffet".


own landscaped pebble beach. The beach is equipped with sunshades, changing huts, showers, sun loungers. The beach runs a children's pool, there are benches and playgrounds.


Indoor swimming pool with heated sea water (major reconstruction in 2006), equipped with modern equipment balneotehnicheskim (hydro, "mountain" river "rapid flow", "Airbag," "Waterfalls," "water mushroom" variety gidropaticheskie soul, contrast showers, contrast foot bath, steam rooms with aromatherapy.

library, home room. for children: games room, play complex with fountains, a sports hall, a school in the summer - swimming pool on the beach.

For an additional fee: restaurants, bars, cinema, dance hall, hairdresser, photographer, shoe repair shop, boat rental, water bicycles and beach equipment, game machines, long distance telephone machines, excursions , tennis, badminton, billiards, a bank, currency exchange, cash advance sale of rail and bus tickets, parking.

On the territory of food and manufactured goods shops and mini market, ATMs, kiosks, post office and telephone point, vegetable and fruit markets, a pier for boats, helicopter pad, bus stops voyage urban routes, taxi stand.

New! The rooms housing 1 and 2 are works Internet access over Wi-Fi. Payment is made through the terminal located in the 2nd building of the spa hotel


Spa hotel "Miskhor" specializes in the treatment of upper respiratory tract infection (tubercular character), the nervous and circulatory systems, musculoskeletal system, digestive system.

Medical services offered in spa hotel Miskhor

Workshops and Conferences

Spa offers services for conferences, seminars and business meetings.

Conference rooms:

  • Hall for 450 seats (theater)
  • Dance (Exhibition) Hall 150-200
  • Meeting room up to 30 places
  • banquet hall for 100 places
  • banquet hall for 200 places
  • Banquet hall 350-400 seats (Buffet)

Equipment for conferences - LCD projector, DVD / CD / TV / MD - equipment, two sets of sound-amplifying equipment ranging from 200 to 400 W, camcorder, microphones, video transmission system cableless - sound, two screens, the tribune.

Use of meeting rooms is included in the coffee-break and banquets additional agreement.


For settlement in the resort you should have a passport, a ticket (or the exchange form on the tour), spa hotel card (takes the place of residence at the therapist), children's birth certificate, certificate of epidokruzhenii and vaccinations (taken over the community pediatrician).

Children of 2 years of age (under contract with the spa hotel).


From Simferopol by bus, taxi or trolley to the bus station in Yalta (2-2.5 hours), then bus number 27 or taxi to the bus stop "Spa hotel Miskhor".


Crimea, Big Yalta, vill. Koreiz-1 (Miskhor), Alupkinskoye Highway 9.

Out time

Check-in after 10:00, check-out until 8:00

Prices on rest and treatment in spa hotel "Miskhor" in 2016

RUR per person per night
Period Building 3
Dbl "standard"
Building 2
Dbl "standard"
Building 1, 2
Dbl "standard+"
basic treatment individual treatment basic treatment individual treatment basic treatment individual treatment
01.03-30.03.16 1508 1858 1767 2117 2168 2518
01.04-30.04.16 1508 1858 1767 2117 2168 2518
01.05-31.05.16 1956 2306 2269 2619 2616 2966
01.06-15.06.16 2024 2374 2411 2761 2947 3297
16.06-30.06.16 2159 2509 2547 2897 3088 3438
01.07-31.07.16 2477 2827 2813 3163 3435 3785
01.08-31.08.16 2477 2827 2813 3163 3499 3849
01.09-15.09.16 2477 2827 2813 3163 3499 3849
16.09-30.09.16 2349 2699 2616 2966 3293 3643
01.10-31.10.16 1840 2190 2127 2477 2578 2928
01.11-30.11.16 1726 2076 2002 2352 2453 2803
01.12-25.12.16 1726 2076 2002 2352 2453 2803
26.12-31.12.16 1789 2139 2076 2426 2548 2898

Arrivals flexible schedule (to be agreed).

Surcharge for 1-occupancy in the off season - 50% of the value of the 2nd place. Perhaps one person shares, in a Dbl room.

Discounts for children on extra bed

  • From 2 to 3 years - 65%.
  • From 4 to 10 years - 50%.
  • From 11 to 15 years old - discount 30%.

Price includes

  • Accommodation in this category.
  • Power - Standard (registered) in the dining room resort for the category "standard" (for residents in the building № 3 - meals in the dining room number 2, located next to the body), improved in the commercial room superior rooms and rooms "Suite".
  • Treatment (basic or for an individual program) to profile nursing home to appoint a doctor.
  • Use beach.
  • Using an indoor swimming pool with sea water during the period of his work.
  • Cultural events for adults and children under the plan sector leisure resort "Miskhor".
  • Gift - a mandatory rest period turistovna insurance (medical and accident insurance).

Private transfer to the resort hotel "Miskhor"

RUR per car one way
Type of transport / Route Railway Station Simferopol Simferopol airport
Car (up to 4 people) 2400 2700
Minivan / minibus (up to 8 people) 3800 4100

Extra charge for car with guaranteed air conditioning - 20%.

Discount 100 RUR for the return shuttle at the order and the simultaneous payment of a transfer at both ends.

Sanatorium Mishor. View of the housing 1 and 2 from the beachSpa hotel Mishor. The block 1Spa hotel Mishor. The block 2Spa hotel Mishor. Standart plus in block 1 or 2Spa hotel Mishor. Standart plus in block 1 or 2WCDining room for bloks 1 and 2Hall of improved nutrition in the dining room for bloks 1 and 2Hall of improved nutrition. Swedish lineSpa hotel Mishor. The block 3Standard rooms in the block 3Dining for block 3Medical Corps (located in front of Вlock 3)Swimming pool with heated sea waterSwimming pool with heated sea waterChildren RoomGymBarPalm alley in the parkThe park of spa hotelThe park of spa hotelSpa hotel Mishor. The view from the balcony of Standart plusConference hallAdministration BuildingThe beach of spa hotel MishorChildrens swimming pool on the beachThe famous mermaid in MishorView of Mount Ai-Petri

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Иван г.Москва (
24.11.2013 15:45
Здравствуйте, уважаемые сотрудники санатория "Мисхор"!!! Хочу поблагодарить за прекрасный отдых нашей тети, Смирновой Елены. Это был подарок к ее юбилею, я рада, что подарок удался, у нее теперь воспоминаний на всю оставшуюся жизнь)!!! Желаю процветания санаторию и успехов всем сотрудникам! Спасибо!
Администратор сайта (
06.12.2012 09:28
Здравствуйте уважаемый Алексей! В санатории Мисхор на интересующие Вас даты (с 31.12 по 03.01 выезд, 3 суток) есть свободный 2-х местный номер ПК. Стоимость размещения - 325 грн с человека в сутки с питанием и пользованием бассейном. Стоимость новогоднего банкета и программы - 650 грн с человека (по желанию). Для бронирования Вам необходимо сообщить ФИО и полные даты рождения на всех отдыхающих, контактную информацию, город, в котором Вы проживаете или заполнить форму бронирования на нашем сайте После этого я выпишу Вам счет на оплату и вышлю договор. Счет необходимо оплатить в любом удобном для Вас банке. После оплаты путевки и страховку вышлю по электронке.
Алексей (
05.12.2012 22:55
Здравствуйте. Хотелось бы уточнить: если снять 2-местный номер повышенной комфортноти в корпусе 1 или 2 на 2-х человек с 31.12.12 по 03.01.13г., сколько это будет стоить, есть ли места и как внести предоплату. С уважением, Алексей.