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Camp "Mandarin"
Childrens holiday, Peschanoe, Bakhchisaray district

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Kids Camp a new generation "Mandarin"

Bold, bright, rich, fashionable, different from others!
Courage every day! 100% DRIVE!


Peschanoe - actively developing resort village in Bakhchisaray district in the south-west coast of the Crimea, between the towns Evpatoria and Sevastopol. This region is environmentally friendly and is considered one of the best health resorts on the west coast of the Crimea. Mild maritime climate combined with a dry steppe climate on conditions close to Evpatoria. The sea water temperature on the coast in summer is 22-27°C.

Here, in the resort village Peschanoe, only 50 meters from the sea in the 6.3 hectares and located children's summer camp "Mandarin". Most of the territory is occupied by an array of Crimean pine.

Whole territory of children camp is fenced and guarded around the clock.

Layout children camp "Mandarin"

The advantages of children camp "Mandarin"

  • Located in ecologically clean area.
  • Most part of territory children camp - coniferous forest.
  • The unique healing microclimate is suitable for recreation and leisure activities for children.
  • Huge amount of cultural and entertainment events.
  • Modern rooms, housing only 50 meters from the sea.


Children live in two main building (3 floors). Each floor of the building is divided into four blocks. In blocks 4-5 six-room with amenities and an outdoor balcony. All blocks are merged company officer hall with furniture and air conditioning. Virtual tour around camp

6-bed rooms.

Area of the room 18 sq.m. In the room: amenities (toilet, sink, shower - modern plumbing), three bunk beds (mattresses, hypoallergenic pillows and blankets), large closet for clothes, coat rack, cabinets, balcony.


Cold water constantly, hot - on schedule (07:00 to 23:00).


5-times a day in an air conditioned hall of the restaurant children camp (breakfast, lunch, afternoon snack and fruit - "buffet style", afternoon tea). Vegetable salad-bar for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The menu includes a variety of dishes, vegetables, fruits and desserts.

Drinking mode: all water in the camp from an artesian well. In the foyer of the restaurant on the first floor of each building with installed capacity of purified drinking water.

Diet and menu of one day children restaurant


Own pebble beach (three separated by breakwaters) is located 50 meters from the dormitories. The beach is fenced and equipped with sunshades, changing rooms. Issued on the beach parasols and mats, working nurse, swimming instructor. Swimming places allocated by buoys, is a rescue tower.


It features kids camp of new generation "Mandarin" offers: concert hall in the open, an entertainment complex, Medical Corps, concert Hall and dance floor, children's play area (swings, trampolines, the Swedish side), 2 cafes, webcam.

Water fun:

Cultural and entertainment complex:

Sports complex:

Studios and clubs:

Celebratory programs:

Additional services:


Medical block of camp consists of inspection, treatment rooms, office chief doctor, eating room, 2 sanblokov (girls, boys), 6 four-insulator with a balcony, two stand-alone boxes, spacious living room with sofas and satellite TV.

Medical service camp consists of the chief doctor, two doctors, two medical assistants, two nurses and orderlies. All employees have special education and extensive experience in the field of child pediatrics.

Medical staff constantly supervises the kitchens, sanitary condition of the accommodation and the area controlled hydrotherapy, sports and competitions, as well as daily (morning and evening) by moving each child's room and a visual inspection of each child.

Contra-indications for the children's camp

All diseases in the acute period, and all forms of tuberculosis, rheumatism in the active period, acquired and congenital defects of the heart and vessels in violation of hemodynamics, hypertension in exacerbation, diseases of the blood and blood-forming organs, epilepsy, seizures and other cash equivalents, acute mental illness and reactive states, bronchial asthma exacerbation, peptic ulcer and 12 duodenal ulcer in exacerbation, acute nephritis, pyelonephritis - no earlier than five years after subacute, chronic nephritis, renal stone disease, congenital abnormalities of the kidneys, accompanied violation of their function, diabetes, and all infectious, parasitic skin diseases (scabies, fungal, etc.)

The necessary information and documents

Accommodation terms

Checkout time: 09:00.

Arrival schedule: on a fixed schedule. Duration of change - 17 days.

Age of children: to rest accepts children from 7 to 16 years (inclusive).

On the arrival at the children themselves should be: copy of birth certificate or passport, Medical record standard form or medical certificate on the form number 079 a marked absence of head lice, a certificate of vaccination and epidemiological environment, health certificate, completed Application form of parents.


The camp has the right to expel from the camp resting child in case the child has violated one of these rules (laws) camp:

  • Do not drink (even beer and soft drinks) and not smoking.
  • Do not leave the camp.
  • Do not disturb others.
  • Not to spoil other people's property.

Grounds for expulsion will be explanatory counselor/educator of your breach and ordered the dismissal of the camp director with the reason.

Delivery child will be provided from the camp. Residual value vouchers will not be refunded


From railway station in Simferopol or bus station in Sevastopol on bus to the village Peschanoe, then 2 km to the camp "Mandarin".

Address of children camp

Crimea, Bakhchisarai district, village Peschanoe, str. Naberezhnaya, 11.

Prices for rest in children's summer camp "Mandarin" in 2014

UAH   RUR   EUR   USD per shift per person
Schedule shifts 6-bed rooms
with shared facilities
31.05-20.06 - 0th shift "Sport" 9600
04.06-20.06 - 1st shift "Sport" 8550
21.06-07.07 - 2nd shift "Living social network" 9600
08.07-24.07 - 3rd shift "Cinemania" 10300
25.07-10.08 - 4th shift "Media" 9600
11.08-27.08 - 5th shift "Dance" 8550
To rest accepts children from 7 to 16 years (inclusive).

The price includes

  • Accommodation.
  • 5-time meals.
  • Beach access.
  • Use of outdoor swimming pools and water slides in a small pool.
  • Cultural and entertainment program.
  • Show animators.
  • Classes at studios and clubs.
  • Compulsory insurance (health and accident).
  • Group transfer on the arrival.

Additional cost - the organization of bus trips.

Individual transfer

UAH   RUR   EUR   USD for the entire car to one side
Type of transport/Route Railway station Simferopol - camp Simferopol Airport - camp
Car (up to 4 people) 350 410
Minivan/Minibus (up to 8 people) 610 710

Extra charge for the car with guaranteed air conditioning - 20%.

Discount 25 UAH on the return transfer at the order and at the same time paying Transfer Tour trip.

Comparative characteristics of camps next generation "Mandarin", "Kakadu" and "I&Camp"


Kids Camp Mandarin - bold; bright; rich; fashionable; different from others!Scheme of children camp MandarinDormitoryLocation scheme of rooms in dormitory buildingsRoom for 6 people. With private facilities and balconyIn rooms are three bunk bedsRooms with modern and striking designRoom for 6 people. With private facilities and balconyModern roomsAll rooms are equipped with bathroomsHall of Childrens restaurantSwedish line of childrens restaurant. Waitress serviceFood in childrens camp organized on system buffet styleDaily ration includes fresh fruits and well as freshly baked pastriesRestaurant with air conditioningLarge and small pools of fresh water. Inflatable water slides Cascade; Doug and MonkeyLarge poolsInflatable water slidesPhoto session in the poolBeach of children camp MandarinBeach with sunshades and changing roomsAt the beachPhoto session on the beachFun on the beach - aqua-marine complex track (obstacle course)Obstacle courseCultural and entertainment center. On the square before the building - maxi-chess. On the first floor - Gym...... as well as room for billiards and table tennis. Cinema hall with 300 seats and circle rooms. On the 2nd floor there is a modern childrens restaurantMaxi-ChessGymFootball fieldFriendly MatchVolleyball fieldClimbing wallRock climbing (climbing extreme wall)PaintballAre tired of entertainment? Always for you hammock area in the shade of Crimean pinesIn the square of open Concert Hall gala ceremony and show......charts and discoHoliday eventsOne of the many concertsMany costumes children come up yourselfThematic shift in 20131st shift - Sport. Away legendary athletes. The championship between the camps and exchange of experience with star guests2nd shift - moviegoers. Entire shift guys will learn to create movies. Everyone can try yourself as a director or actor. And on the evening shows will be shown the resulting masterpieces3rd shift - Live social network. All show programs are styled with live social network. Communicate live!4th shift - Mass Media. Everyone can know a lot about mass media in the evening fiery show!5th shift - Dance. This is the annual Battle between the camps of new generation. Each camp will be selected 100 people to the team. Rehearsals with the choreographer and training suits. Final gala concert based IYC I Camp

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