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Hotel "Pine Grove"
Big Yalta, Gaspra, Miskhor

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Resort Hotel with treatment "Project Park "Pine Grove"

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10 km from Yalta, on the beach and in the shade of the beautiful park "Chair" located resort complex with treatment "Pine Grove".

Park is several holiday villages: Mishor, Gaspra, Koreiz. Relic abundance of evergreen plants (magnolia, cypress trees, hydrangeas, pine) and the proximity of the sea create a unique microclimate which has beneficial effects on the human body.

Hotel has excellent medical facilities and provides a diverse range of services that allow to fully relax at any time of the year.


Resort Hotel at the same time can take a rest and treatment 210 people with accommodation in three comfortable buildings and detached cottages.

All rooms are equipped with Italian furniture, TV, telephone, security alarm, air conditioning, mini-bar.

Building № 1 (4 floors, elevator)

Building № 2 (9 floors, elevator)

Building № 3 (5 floors)

Cottage (2 floors)


3-D view of the building № 1 3-D view of the building № 3 3-D view of the Yusupov patio Park of resort hotel. 3-D view
Building № 1 Building № 3 Yusupov patio Park


Cold and hot water all time.


The price includes: ** for rooms categories standard: full board in the restaurant "Chair" (1st floor), the choice of "buffet" or diet menus; * for rooms Suites and Deluxe categories: breakfast in the restaurant "The Wave" (2nd floor), "buffet".

Fish restaurant "Refuge fisherman" (12:00 to 24:00), bar "Olivia" (10:00 to 24:00), the cafe "Italian patio" (06:00 to 24:00) for an additional fee.


Beach of resort hotel Pine GroveOwn pebble beach promenade, equipped with sunshades, showers and changing rooms.
On the beach to the service: sun beds, umbrellas, chairs, rolling water rides (scooter, boat, water pills, banana, water skiing, windsurfing), rescue station, 5 berths, cafe "Italian Courtyard".

Descent to the beach stairs or elevator from the building № 2.


Service in resort hotel "Pine Grove": indoor pool (24х10 m) with heated sea water, with an artificial waterfall, underwater massage jets, jacuzzi, shower area (power shower), sauna, solarium, massage, SPA-center, winter garden, tour desk, hairdresser.

In summer animation team daily entertainment program for adults and children.

For active holidaymakers in the resort has a gym, table tennis, volleyball and basketball courts, two path, tennis courts, billiards, as well as jet ski rentals, catamarans (beach resort).

In addition to the main restaurant "Chair" vacationers can visit the lobby bar (building № 2 and № 3), bar "Olivia," rotisserie "Shelter of the fisherman", cafe on the beach "Italian patio".

Rest with children

Аor families with children the hotel also offers a wide range of services:

  • Kids Room (located on the first floor of the restaurant complex). Educators and animators learn children draw, forgery and applique. The service is free at front of parents;
  • Playground;
  • Show children's cartoons and movies;
  • Children animation (only works in the summer);
  • Babysitting (50 UAH/hr);
  • Entertainment on the beach (atractions "banana" and "tablet").

Baby animators working with children from five years old. In a playful way diversify children and individually help each child discover a talent, it allows children to make the stay in the hotel a truly striking and memorable.
Animators also organize birthday parties for our younger guests are sure to come to congratulate the fairy-tale characters, funny Clowns and give your child a real holiday.

Category Children's birthdays: "Visiting the Fairy," "Burger Chef," "Holiday with Pippi Longstocking", "The Magic Labyrinth", "SWAT," "Kingdom of Crooked Mirrors", "Visit to the Snow Queen" and other interesting game programs.


Today resort hotel "Pine Grove" - is a real health-improving center for rehabilitation of patients with diseases of the cardiovascular, pulmonary and neurological systems. Highly trained staff, modern medical equipment known manufacturers, sensitive treatment of staff, the natural factors and the use of unconventional methods make it possible to achieve high efficiency in treatment.

Free advice from the experts: an otolaryngologist, a urologist, gastroenterologist, gynecologist, neurologist, therapist, dentist, mini-survey. Services clinical biochemical laboratory, mud baths, inhalers, cabinets physiotherapy, herbal medicine, rooms with sea air (sylvinite cave), spa treatment courses, relaxing and therapeutic massage, wellness programs using therapeutic baths, oxygen cocktails and medicinal teas in phyto-bar and classrooms: gastroenterology, endoscopy, urology, gynecology, fluoroscopic, neurological, psychotherapy, dental, acupuncture, functional and ultrasound, laser therapy, manual therapy, an otolaryngologist, a study of intestinal lavage, beauty salon and inhalation.

For each room resort developed by individual schedule receiving treatments, exclusive line at the laboratories and offices of specialists.

Conference service

Resort hotel "Pine Grove" - is a perfect place to relax, but also perfect for business, events, formal receptions, conferences, symposia, workshops, meetings, presentations, or friendly parties.

Modern multifunctional conference hall, a wide range of conference equipment, the possibility of coffee breaks, lunches, receptions, dinners, barbecues on the beach - just a few of the services provided by the resort complex.

Concert hall

Meeting room

The equipment is available for an additional charge


Passport, voucher or exchange tickets form. For children - birth certificate, certificate of vaccination and epidemiological environment.

On vacation accepts children of all ages.

Children under 2 years are only compulsory payment crib - 650 RUR/day.


From Simferopol on bus, shuttle or taxi to the bus station in city Yalta (2-2,5 hours), then bus number 27 or shuttle to the stop "Hotel "Pine Grove".


Yalta, village Gaspra, Alupka Highway 21

Out time

Arrivals after 14:00, check-out by 12:00

Prices for rest and treatment at the Resort hotel "Pine Grove" in 2014

RUR per room per night
Room categories Low Season
High Season
1-person 2-person 1-person 2-person 1-person 2-person Room price

Building № 1

Superior ** 4490 6870 5540 8560 9480 11360 13830
Deluxe 1 * 5040 7600 6600 9480 11540 13370 16400
Deluxe 2 * 6320 8840 8150 11040 14200 16030 20010
Apartments 2 * 8110 10630 10850 13690 18230 20060 25140
Suite * 10810
(2 особи)
(4 особи)
(2 особи)
(4 особи)
(2 особи)
(4 особи)
(4 особи)
Suite VIP * 18180
(2 особи)
(4 особи)
(2 особи)
(4 особи)
(2 особи)
(4 особи)
(4 особи)
Suite Duplex * 13740
(2 особи)
(4 особи)
(2 особи)
(4 особи)
(2 особи)
(4 особи)
(4 особи)

Корпус № 2

Sngl ** 3710 - 4850 - 6550 - 8470
(1 особа)
Twin ** 4310 6870 5500 8380 9620 11500 13830
Deluxe New * 5040 7600 6600 9480 11540 13370 16400
Suite 2Suite 2 New * 6640 9160 8470 11360 14610 16440 20520
Suite 3 * 8200 10760 10950 13790 18000 19880 24640
StudioStudio New * 6730 8980 8610 11170 14520 16400 20520

Корпус № 3

Dbl Economy ** 4080 6600 5220 8110 9250 11080 13330
Dbl ** 4580 7100 5860 8700 10630 12460 15390
Twin Superior ** 4950 7470 6370 9210 11130 12960 15890
Apartments Big * 7240 9760 9480 12370 16440 18320 23080
Apartments Small * 5950 8470 8340 11170 13740 15570 18960
Apartments VIP * 21110
(2 особи)
(4 особи)
(2 особи)
(4 особи)
(2 особи)
(4 особи)
(4 особи)

Price per cottage per night (including infrastructure cottage)*

Cottage 29490 34390 44520 68740

Price per villa per night (including infrastructure Villas)**

Villa 45800 68700 91600 114500

Extra bed Press to display the cost of accommodation

Discounts for children

Children under 2 years are only compulsory payment crib - 650 RUR/day.

The package "all inclusive" includes

  • Accommodation: closed area hotel, comfortable rooms with sea views.
  • Meals: ** for rooms categories standard: full board in the restaurant "Chair" (1st floor), the choice of "buffet" or diet menus; * for rooms Suites and Deluxe categories: breakfast in the restaurant "The Wave" (2nd floor), "buffet".
  • Medicine. Primary reception specialists.
    Diagnosis: ECG spirogram, laboratory clinical and biochemical studies, ambulatory blood pressure monitoring.
    Treatment: physical therapy, inhalation, aromatic baths, showers, mud therapy, exercise therapy (group), wraps, dry carbon dioxide baths, pneumo carbonation.
    up to 3 days: reception therapist, pediatrician (1), in the clinical examination (2), biochemical laboratories (2), functional diagnostics (2) - up to 2 treatments daily.
    period from 4 days to 14 days: reception therapist, pediatrician (2), the clinical examination (2), biochemical laboratories (2), functional diagnostics (2) - up to 3 treatments daily.
    period of 15 days or more: reception therapist, pediatrician (3), in the clinical examination (2), biochemical laboratories (2), functional diagnostics (3) - to four treatments daily.
    Emergency medical care is provided round the clock.
  • Pool 240 sq.m. (length 25 m) with sea water, sauna, professional gym, table tennis, billiards, tennis clay courts.
  • Animation: entertainment for adults and children, sports, contests, sports on the water, evening shows and discos.
  • Library.
  • Winter garden with exotic plants (herbal tea, oxygen cocktails).

* For living in a cottage in a cottage includes infrastructure costs: enclosed patio area, 2 bedrooms, living room, 2 fireplaces, pool, Russian sauna with wood, equipped with patio for rest with Chargrill area and an artificial waterfall.

Optional extras

  • Room-service, lobby bar, bar "Olivia," cafe "Italian Courtyard" on the beach with panoramic views of Cape Ai-Todor cape and Sarich.
  • Medicine. Diagnosis: laboratory clinical and biochemical studies (extendable), ultrasound diagnosis, stress testing (cycle ergometry, treadmill).
    Treatment: specialist consultations (urologist, gynecologist, ENT, dentist), regular medication, classic massage, underwater jet massage, alternative medicine, solarium.
  • SPA-Beauty face and body exotic massages.
  • Services Service Center: excursions, shuttle / train and air tickets, VIP-service in the hall of the airport, ordering and delivery.
  • Water Motor Sports (scooter, boat), a water pill, banana, water-skiing, windsurfing, rent sports equipment.
  • Children's room, hairdresser, photographer, laundry.


RUR per car one way
Type of transport / Route Railway Station Simferopol – spa hotel Simferopol airport - spa hotel
Car (up to 4 people) 1900 2200
Minivan / minibus (up to 8 people) 3100 3600

Extra charge for air-conditioned car with a guaranteed - 20%.

Discount 100 RUR for the return shuttle at the order and the simultaneous payment of a transfer at both ends.

Resort Hotel Pine GroveCase № 1of resort hotel Pine GroveHall in the case№ 1Housing 1. BalconyDeluxe 2. BedroomDeluxe 2Apartments 2. BedroomApartments 2SuperiorSuperiorSuite-duplex. One of the bedroomsSuite VIP. living roomSuite VIP. living roomSuite VIP. BedroomSuite VIP. BedroomHotel Pine Grove. Housing № 2Housing 2Housing 2SnglTwinTwinSuite 2. BedroomSuite 2. living roomSuite 2. living roomSuite 3. BedroomSuite 3. living roomSuite 3. living roomSuite 3Deluxe 1Deluxe 1Deluxe 1Cottage and building number 3building number 3Dbl EconomyDbl EconomyDblDblDblTwin SuperiorApartments SmallApartments BigApartments BigApartments BigCottageThe cottage is located on the beach and is designed for 4-6 persons familyLounge on the 1st floorBilliard room in the cottageliving room on the 2nd floor of the cottageOn the 2nd floor of the cottageThe main restaurant ChairRestaurant CairRestaurant CairMeals in the restaurant through the system BuffetThe beach of health resortView from the sea to the hotel buildingThe beach of health resortIndoor swimming pool with heated sea waterPool is equipped with an artificial waterfall and whirlpoolGymWinter GardenGymnasiumsaunaAnimators with childrenChildren RoomSpamanipulation treatmentMedical center of spa hotelMedical center of spa hotelMedical center of spa hotelEquipped conference hallConcert hallIn the Park of health resort

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