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Tour "Around Crimea-2" (6 days / 5 nights)

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6 days around the whole of the Crimea!

Bakhchisaray - Sevastopol - Yalta - Sudak - Feodosia - Koktebel - Stary Krym - Belogorsk

The tour program:

Day 1

  • Meeting at the railway station in Simferopol, 8:30 am to 9:00 am near the fountain "Pigeons".
  • Transfer to Bakhchisaray.
  • Introduction to the palace complex Khan Palace with a tour of the museum exposition halls.
  • Lunch (Crimean Tatar cuisine).
  • free time.
  • At will we offer to visit theme park "Crimea in miniature on the palm" (optional, at extra cost, an adults - 60 UAH, kids - 30 UAH)
  • Transfer to Sevastopol.
  • Hotel accommodation.
  • Supper.

Day 2

  • Breakfast.
  • Optional visit historical and archeological museum "Chersonese" (for an additional fee: adults - 50 UAH, kids - 25 UAH)
  • Tour memorial complex with a visit to the mountain diorama "Sapun Mountain Assault May 7, 1944", inspection of samples of the Soviet and German military equipment during World War II.
  • Introduction Balaclava, a walk along the promenade, visit the famous bay and Listrigony Genoese fortress Genoese .
  • Free time.
  • Desired, a choice:
    • visit Naval museum complex "Balaklava" - a former top-secret anti-nuclear shelter submarines (adults - 40 UAH, kids - 20 UAH);
    • boat trip on the Balaklava Bay (50 UAH)
  • City tour with a visit to Sevastopol Grafskaya Pier, Nakhimov Square, the memorial of the heroic defense of Sevastopol 1941-1942, monument A. Kazarsky - the first monument in the city, Primorsky Boulevard, Sunken Ships Monument.
  • Supper to the hotel.

Day 3

  • Breakfast.
  • Transfer to Yalta. Tour of the South Coast of Crimea.
  • Inspection Foros Church and castle "Swallow's Nest" (from the observation deck).
  • Internal transfers to Mountain Ai-Petri, check the southern coast panorama aerial view.
  • Desired, to choose the rise to the "teeth" Ai-Petri (25 UAH), or visit the cave "Geophysical" (50 UAH)
  • Trasnfer to Gaspra.
  • Introduction estate "Kichkine" - the former residence of the Grand Duke Dmitry Konstantinovich Romanov.
  • Trasnfer in Massandra.
  • Excursion Nikitsky botanical garden , examination of the unique collection of southern cultures, bamboo groves, cypress and palm-lined avenue. Every season there are wonderful flower shows: spring - tulips, summer - roses and autumn - chrysanthemums.
  • Accommodation in a hotel in the South Coast.
  • Supper.

Day 4

  • Breakfast.
  • Transfer to Alushta.
  • Walking tour to the foot Demerdji, with a view of the Valley of Ghosts (location filming "Caucasus Prisoner", "Hearts of Three," "Sports Lottery-82") with inspection medieval Funa.
  • Transfer to Sudak. Stop at the temple tigerbeetle St. Nicholas in Malorechenskoye.
  • Plant visits elite Crimean wines "Sun Valley" with wine (optional, at extra cost - 75 UAH)
  • Excursion Genoese fortress in Sudak.
  • Accommodation in a hotel in Eastern Crimea.
  • Rest on the Sea.
  • Supper.

Day 5

  • Breakfast.
  • Transfer to Feodosia.
  • City tour with a tour of the graves I. Aivazovsky, Armenian Church of St. Sarkis, Mufti-Jami mosque, a serf complex Genoese churches and quarantined, the monument Athanasius Nikitin, Fontana I. Aivazovsky.
  • leisure. We offer optional excursion to the art gallery I. Aivazovsky (adults - 55 UAH, kids - 25 UAH) or the house-museum of the A. Green (adults - 30 UAH, kids - 15 UAH)
  • Transfer to Koktebel.
  • Free time.
  • Optional excursion to offer House-Museum Voloshin (adults - 35 UAH, kids - 15 UAH), or a sea voyage (60-70 UAH)
  • Back to the hotel.
  • Supper.

Day 6

  • Breakfast.
  • Visit plateau Uzun syrt - the cradle of Soviet gliding, with the possibility of the flight when the weather paragliding or hang gliding (surcharge).
  • Visit Toplovsky Monastery St. Paraskeva, a tour of the monastery, visit the springs, bathing in the water bowl.
  • Dinner (with elements of the Crimean Tatar cuisine).
  • Shuttle Belogorsk. Inspection White Rock - a unique monument of nature, where the film "The Headless Horseman", "A Man from Boulevard des Capucines," "9th company", etc.
  • Moving to safari park "taigan" (Belogorsk). At will we offer to visit the first in Europe Park of lions.
  • Arrival to the railway station of Simferopol at 17:30.


6 days / 5 nights.

Tour route map "Around Crimea" (6 days / 5 nights)

Price for the tour "Around Crimea" (6 days / 5 nights) 2016

RUR per person per tour (6 days / 5 nights)
Tour dates Dbl Singl
26.06.16-01.07.16 22250 26600
03.07.16-08.07.16 24500 28800
10.07.16-15.07.16 24500 28800
17.07.16-22.07.16 24500 28800
24.07.16-29.07.16 24500 28800
31.07.16-05.08.16 24500 28800
07.08.16-12.08.16 24500 28800
14.08.16-19.08.16 24500 28800
21.08.16-26.08.16 24500 28800
28.08.16-02.09.16 24500 28800
04.09.16-09.09.16 23700 28100
11.09.16-16.09.16 23700 28100
18.09.16-23.09.16 23700 28100
25.09.16-30.09.16 23700 28100
02.10.16-07.10.16 22400 26850
09.10.16-14.10.16 22400 26850
16.10.16-21.10.16 22400 26850
23.10.16-28.10.16 22400 26850
30.10.16-04.11.16 22150 26450
06.11.16-11.11.16 21150 25300
20.11.16-25.11.16 21150 25300

For organized groups offer booking from any date.

Price includes

Accommodation in rooms with private facilities, meals (half board), excursions, entrance fees to museums on the mandatory program, guide services, transport services along the entire route, recreation fee, travel insurance (medical and accident insurance) for the period of the tour.

The price does not include

Optional excursions (prices are in the tour).


Discounts for children under 12 years are the main place - 10%, on an additional - 30%.

accepts children from 5 years (due to the richness of the program and increased stress for children).


  • A meeting of the tour at the train / train station in Simferopol on the arrival from 8:30 to 9:00 by the fountain "Pigeons" (courtyard station).
  • tour ends at the train / train station in Simferopol 17:30.
  • order visit excursion sites can vary depending on the location and weather conditions.
  • Tour is not responsible for the change in the cost of services (admission fees for optional sightseeing objects, etc.) are not included in the tour price, provided by third parties.

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Khan Palace in BakhchisarayUspensky MonasteryCave city Chufut KaleTauric Chersonesos and Vladimir cathedral in SevastopolExposition of military equipment on Sapun HillGenoa fortress Chembalo in BalaclavaObject 825 - museum complex BalaklavaMonument to flooded ships in SevastopolMuseum of Black Sea Fleetcastle Swallow NestThe cable car to the mountain Ai-PetriNikitsky Botanical GardenDemerdzhi Mountain and the Valley of ghostsfortress FunaGenoese fortress in SudakFeodosiaGenoese fortress and church in KarantineThe house-museum of the Green in FeodosiaToplovsky MonasteryBelogorsk. Mount Ak-Kaya

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