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Spa hotel "Dnepr" (Miskhor) - prices 2014!


Published prices for season 2014 at spa hotel "Dnepr" (Gaspra, Big Yalta).

Spa hotel "Dnepr" - one of few year-round health centers with the strongest medical facilities in the area of ​​cardio-pulmonology, gastroenterology, urology.

Health hotel has one of the best therapeutic and diagnostic databases of health resorts of the Southern coast of the Crimea, the most advanced technologies in the field of rehabilitation, physiotherapy and health resort, to establish an accurate diagnosis and effective treatment.

Spa hotel "Dnepr" is situated on the western spur of Cape Ai-Todor in the former estate of Prince George Mikhailovich Romanov "Charax" - unique monument of landscape architecture. The main attraction of the park is the juniper grove and unique furniture, consisting of 12 columns with fountain in the middle.

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