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Near Alushta held a festival dedicated to the fortress "Funa"


July 20 Big Alushta, on the territory of the monument of archeology and architecture "Funa" festival will be held, devoted to Day of fortress.

The day of the festival was not chosen by chance. As the director of the utility "Demerji - historical and cultural nature park" Sergei Feschenko: "The excavations of the fortress was found mortgage range, which gives us the date of conversion of a simple building in the fortress-castle Funa. This July 19, 1459, and for this event Every year we organize a celebration".

The program of the festival for visitors and residents of the Crimea provides a number of different events: horse performances, revealing battle knights tour of the knight's armor and weapons, flying paragliders, the performance of the ballet "Fireworks", a group show Groove'N'Danse and drums Drum Club 250. In addition, the planned competitions and a fire show.

Funa - southern outpost of the medieval principality of Theodoro. This medieval fortress is situated on a rocky hill at the western foot of the South Demerji. The name of the fortress in Greek means "smoky." Previously called Funa and mountain Demerji.

Today strengthening Funa is a pile of rubble. Disappeared beneath the front yard with monumental buildings and a two-story church. And now where once was Funa with its apartment buildings, shops and taverns, you can see the lone piece of the apse of the church, hung above a large garden with a young deaf road to the plateau.

The open air museum "Funa" is open daily seven days a week from 8:00 to 17:00.

Geographic coordinates Funa: 44°45'06''N 34°23'18''E

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