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X-CRIMEA 4x4 Christmas Trophy 2013


With 11 to 13 January in the mountain-forest Crimea will be competitions for off-road "X-CRIMEA 4x4 Christmas Trophy 2013".

Competitions are amateur, they may participate in only four-wheel drive vehicles, "B", regardless of engine size and have a valid policy of compulsory insurance.

Participants will be required to apply the skills of orientation and overcome various obstacles in extreme conditions.

Compulsory equipment of participants: a compass, GPS-receiver, ball pen, mobile phone, camera, flashlight, first aid kit, fire extinguisher, warning triangle, tow rope or the rope, spare wheel. In addition, the crew should have a means of autonomous existence for two days with bad weather - tent, sleeping bags, tools for campfire. The car should have a supply of fuel, providing a minimum of 300 kilometers on the road.

event is to show the fallacy of the apparent simplicity of the conquest of the Crimean Mountains on the car and the unpredictability of the Crimean weather. Spent action is an amateur does not have the status of a national or international championship, does not aim to establish records, is spectacular and entertaining, aimed at reducing off-road movement in the Crimea, and not a charity ...

X-CRIMEA 4x4 Christmas Trophy 2013