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New villa in Residence "Crimean breeze"


In Yalta in the hotel complex Residence "Crimean breeze" held opening the new villas - villa "Vera".

Residence "Crimean breeze" - a premium hotel that combines all the necessary elements to stay true connoisseurs sunny resorts, is a leader of the Crimean hotels.

"In preparation for this holiday season travel industry has invested in the modernization of about one billion hryvnia. This is a large sum for the Crimea. For example, in 2010 it was only about two hundred and seventy million. fact that today opened a new house - is very revealing. Crimea deserve to work here the objects of this level, which is not in all the popular tourist destinations in the world, "- said the first deputy minister of resorts and tourism of Crimea Nikolay Marinov.

He emphasized that the construction and opening of such facilities is a significant contribution to the tourism infrastructure of Crimea.