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In Crimea shooting "The Caucasian Prisoner-2"


In Crimea started shooting of Soviet comedy "The Caucasian Prisoner" in the modern version.

The main role in it will play well-known artists: Nina - plays Nastya Zadorozhnaya, Shurik - star of "interns" Dmitry Sharakois, in the form of a comrade Saahova appear Gennady Khazanov, and Mikhail Efremov become administrator of the hotel and a connoisseur of toast.

According to Mikhail Voronkov - director of "Prisoner of the Caucasus-2, or Most Recent adventures Shurik": "We are working hard, rushing at full speed. want to show the film either on New Year's Eve, or on the Eighth of March."

- "To do a remake of such a popular film in the country - a very risky thing," - said Gennady Khazanov, who plays fellow Saahova, high officials of the small Caucasian town. - "There are bound to find something different and original - to jump higher than his head, turned out not to copy worse than the original!"


Prisoner of the Caucasus-2, or Most Recent adventures Shurik