Conditions of sales

Reservation rules and procedure for registration of applications

Please read

published on the site proposals for rest and treatment in a sanatorium and boarding houses in the Crimea, on the active and excursion tours to Crimea. On the site we always try to give details, the most objective and reliable information on all the proposed options for recreation.

If you still can not make the final selection, please contact us by any way convenient for you: by phone, e-mail, ICQ, Skype (details in the "Contact") or contact us via chat. You can also fill out the order form, specifying the list of proposed recreational item "Need your advice." In this case you need to tell how much information about your claims to a place of rest. Our manager will answer all your questions and give advice on the choice of leisure options that best meets your needs.

To obtain permits in sanatorium or a pension you need to fill booking form (on every page of the object placement button below the price "Order"), specifying full details of the selected variant of rest and accurate information about yourself. You can send us the same information by e-mail or by fax (+38 0652 607-275).


  • We will respond to all requests within a working day;
  • Reservation in sanatoriums and boarding stop for 3-7 days (depending on the health center) to the desired date of arrival;
  • All applications filed on our website on Sunday will be processed on Monday.

If everything is filled completely and correctly and in a sanatorium or a pension is the category number that corresponds to your search, it will be booked. When booking your selected accommodation options are not possible (for example, there are no places to your specified arrival time), then you will be offered alternative holiday that match your criteria.


Just getting our written confirmation of your reservation and guarantee your account placement and reason for payment.

To save

booking tickets must be paid within 3 business days (in some cases may change the terms of payment - by prior arrangement with the manager).

Payment for tickets is made in full. According to some health resorts partial prepayment option is possible (this issue agreed with you on the stage of discussing the details of your order).

pay by bank transfer to the account of the company (in UAH, RUR, USD or Euros) on the basis of billed when your confirmation invoice.

Immediately after payment you must notify the manager in charge of the booking. For citizens of Ukraine it is desirable to notify by telephone or e-mail, and citizens of other states (with the payment in foreign currency accounts) - send a copy of the receipt.

for all (regardless of nationality) - should send a completed and signed agreement by e-mail or fax.

In the absence of timely payment of travel services reservation is canceled, the customer will be sent with the written Cancellation (by e-mail or fax).


risk of non-cancellation policy rests with the customer.

After full payment of your order, we can send you the necessary warranty documents and accounting convenient to you or meet you for the service of documents on the w / d from the station wagon / Simferopol airport (free pick-up service, the driver must also meet and transfer you to a place of rest at the order of transfer), or you can pick up the documents in our office in the city of Simferopol.

If the payment you make a small down payment, then the final payment and transfer documents, we meet you in Simferopol: the car / at the airport, or in our office. Payment of the remaining cost of the tour is over an invoice at any bank in exchange for the documents to ensure tourist services.

Documents for placement

guarantee your placement in a sanatorium or a pension payment is received after a round of documents: voucher, travel voucher, the exchange form, a letter of direction, etc. The main mass of the object is sufficient to produce a copy of the travel voucher, which, after full payment of the tour, we will send an e-mail or fax. In hotels, hotels and private boarding houses, you can do without any extra documents it is enough that we will confirm your check-in health center administration (name, date of arrival, and other data).


addition to the documents that guarantee the arrival, on arrival at the vacation you must have a passport, and the children - birth certificate.

Many health centers for the children needed help on health, vaccination and epidemokruzhenii. And for everyone who wants to undergo treatment in sanatoria requires a sanatorium card. All necessary documents are prepared in your clinic in the community.


All and resorts have such a thing as checkout time , ie the time at which you can settle in the number and the time before which you must vacate the room. This should be considered when purchasing tickets. In the summer, with early arrivals may happen that you do not have to be accommodated checkout time.

prices on the website "The Crimean Travels" published in UAH. Prices in rubles, U.S. dollars and Euros are for reference and when booking, and the calculations are translated at the rate of commercial bank on the day of invoicing.

Сollection, treatment and protection of personal data of customers and tourists

your personal information (personal data) and personal data of other users of travel services (travelers) to your order you specify for the booking of travel services are handled in accordance with the provisions and requirements of the Laws of Ukraine "On Protection of Consumer Rights" and "Protection of personal data" .

placing a request for booking of travel services site "Crimean Travels", you consent to the collection and processing of your personal information and personal data of other participants in your proposal necessary to fulfill your order (booking of travel services, the sale of permits, design and execution of a contract for travel services, etc.), and confirm your acquaintance with the objectives of the collection and use of personal data and your rights arising in connection with their treatment