We advise to visit in the Crimea

Big Yalta - the South coast of Crimea, which is a continuous string of resort towns from Gurzuf and ending Foros. Holiday Villages are surrounded by picturesque mountains and rocks, and the healing cocktail of air of the mountains and forests, combined with the sea air, in fact, is the main healing factor in the region.
In the southern part of the Crimean Peninsula the Crimean Mountains rise up. They are a complex mix of small mountain ranges, rocky ridges and hollows. Yalta stretches on three hills, the sea in the valley of two mountain rivers, karst origin - Wuchang-Su (Vodopadnaya) and Derekoyki (Quick).
This area of the Crimea in the most convenient for transport, is attractive for the automotive, bicycle, equestrian and hiking. Extremely clean air and a general feeling of calm well-being is always amplified the impact of local factors resort.
Alushta - a city of republican subordination, with large territories. More than 200 days per year in Alushta - the sun, the swimming season lasts almost six months. Everyone is enough room under the sun of Alushta and on its coast: beaches stretch for more than 40 km.
Saki - a unique city-resort combines the therapeutic mud and brine, sea and mineral waters, sandy beaches and unmatched blend of salty wind, flowers and herbs.
Evpatoria actively developed and as a family resort. The ancient city on the shores of the Gulf Kalamitsky invites you to stroll along the restored waterfront, visit the dolphinarium, concert halls, relax on sandy beaches.
to the resort area is the city of Sudak Sudak, as well as settlement of the New World, known for its famous champagne at the village of Sea and Sun Valley Village. Every place in its own beautiful and interesting for rest and recuperation. In Sudak several major resorts, as well as a large number of hotels and inns.
Feodosia is situated in south-eastern part of the Crimean peninsula, on the border between the Crimean steppe and mountain area in the western part of the coast wide bay and Theodosia on the slopes of Tepe-Oba.
Today Sevastopol - a big tourist center. Throughout the year, an excursion to come almost all the residents and guests of the Crimea. And in the summer and Indian summer - connoisseurs, for which places of worship are Fiolent Cape, Cape Aiya, Bay of Balaclava and Batiliman unusual even for the pristine nature of the Crimea.
Nikolaevka - it\'s fast-paced and relatively democratic, family-friendly resort is only 40 km from Simferopol, located on the shores of the warm Gulf Kalamitsky. In a unique climate zone coasts combined soft sea breezes scented with wild herbs steppe Crimea.
The resort has a sandy and pebbly beaches width of 20-30 m of the sea bottom is sandy and shallow. The beaches here have different depths for both children and adults and are open to public access at any time.