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Welcome to Crimea!

Crimea - a unique, fantastic and wonderful piece of nature, with the richest cultural and historical heritage and a salubrious climate. The combination of tender sea, bright Crimean sun, beautiful beaches and clean air creates a favorable atmosphere for recreation on the Black Sea coast. For a wonderful symbiosis of mountains, lakes, steppes, seas and man-made historical and cultural values ​​of the Crimea is called "open-air museum."
Travel agency "Crimean travel" offers you for every taste and purse: in boarding houses, tourist complexes, recreation centers, summer camps, private sector, as well as the best treatment in spa hotels of Crimea, with modern treatment and diagnostic databases, SPA - centers and infrastructure. Our firm works with the best institutions of rest in Crimea, which are located throughout the Crimean coast.
Developed tourist infrastructure will give you a comfortable, interesting and exciting rest in Crimea.
Acquainted with the sights of the Crimea you can in a variety of sightseeing tours, and for those who prefer "extreme", we have prepared several active tours.
Choose rest in Crimea with a travel agency "Crimean travel"!

Treatment in sanatoria of Crimea

Strong medical base of Crimean spa hotels in its direction and development has no analogues abroad. Crimea has always developed as a health and beauty spa, and not just a place to rest and entertainment.
Develop a spa treatment in the Crimea began in the XIX century. After opening the VP Botkin natural healing properties of the Crimean peninsula, the Crimea has been actively developed as a resort. It is thanks to him in the Crimea were built numerous palaces and park complexes of the Russian nobility, as well as a summer residence was built Emperor Alexander II.
For the past 150 years of the Crimean resorts successfully introducing new methods of treating and preventing disease. Resting in spa hotels of Crimea you can get treatment at the same time, as well as enjoy nature and architecture of the Crimean Peninsula.


Beach holidays

In summer, most of the tourists prefer beach holidays in the Crimea. Very popular as private pensions, as well as departmental and recreation centers. Generally, pensions are a private beach and a well-developed infrastructure. While vacationing in the Crimea private boarding you will feel comfortable and, indeed, comfort of home.
The optimal price-performance ratio of the Crimean resorts have always attracted tourists.


Crimeans hotels

Recently, more and more tourists opt for the hostels and the hotels of Crimea. And if hostels offer inexpensive but comfortable accommodation, the hotels - is a VIP holidays in the Crimea: exceptionally stylish accommodation, excellent service, swimming pool and SPA-centers, fashionable restaurants, private beach, entertainment complexes and infrastructure.


Off-season and winter rest in the Crimea

Each season brings its special charm of the peninsula. Most of the people, and it is not strange, like a summer rest in the Crimea, but if you decide to pay more attention to their health or seek treatment in Crimean health resorts, the off-season - the most opportune time. In spring and autumn there is a summer rush and spa hotels, pensions and hotels significantly lower prices. During this period, the basic number of rooms and resorts pansiongatov been released and you have a choice, as in much of the resorts operate pools.
Christmas and New Year - a time when the Crimea becomes as rich as tourists in the middle of August. Holiday programs prepared spa hotels and pensions will not leave you indifferent.
In the off-season paid to recommend places of interest, which is rich in the Crimean peninsula: the historical and cultural heritage, palace and park complexes, numerous museums and exhibitions.
Crimea is always beautiful! You are welcome to rest in the Crimea!

Hot offers

Tour "New year Around Crimea" (6 days / 5 nights)
New precast tour on New Year (accession 1 tourist). The program includes visit to the set of monuments of architecture, history and culture of the Southern coast of Crimea, Sevastopol and Bakhchisarai, as well as New Year's Eve in one of the Crimean hotels.
The price from: 0 грн per day
Pension "Dalamia"
Relaxing holiday in Simeize at affordable prices
The price from: 670 грн per day
Tour "Grand tour - Around Crimea at Christmas" (8 days / 7 nights)
Сollecting tour at Christmas 2017 (accession of one tourist). The program includes visits to many monuments of architecture, history and culture of all Crimea - from Kerch to Sevastopol.
The price from: 0 грн per day
Hotel "Yalta-Intourist"
Yalta, Massandra park area, 200 meters from the sea.
The price from: 530 грн per day
Pension "Beliy lev"
Inexpensive, but quality holiday for the whole family.
The price from: 450 грн per day
Pension "Zvezdny"
Pension is located near aquapark
The price from: 198 грн per day
Spa hotel "Poltava-Crimea"
The unique mud resort in the Crimea
The price from: 360 грн per day
Spa hotel "Alushta"
Professors area - a favorite vacation spot of scientific and creative elite.
The price from: 470 грн per day
Spa hotel "Utes"
The former estate of Princess M. Gagarina
The price from: 500 грн per day
Spa hotel "Russia"
VIP rest in Yalta
The price from: 2000 грн per day
Pension "Edem"
Optimum value for money
The price from: 650 грн per day
Spa hotel "Miskhor"
One of the most famous Crimean spa hotels.
The price from: 0 грн per day